Your beauty routine contributes to plastic waste, but SOLIDU is trying to find a better way. We create ethical, innovative & waterless beauty products packaged in 100% backyard compostable boxes.

Your beauty routine contributes to plastic waste, but SOLIDU is trying to find a better way. We create ethical, innovative & waterless beauty products packaged in 100% backyard compostable boxes.


Natural Deodorants

Natural deodorants that work! Just as effective (some even say more effective) as conventional ones, but without any plastic, unnecessary ingredients, and 100% natural. Instead of blocking sweat glands, SOLIDU deodorants target the bacteria that cause unpleasant odors without disrupting the body‘s natural sweating process.

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Solid shampoos

Add some color and excitement to your shower routine with our foamy, aromatic solid shampoos.Enriched with natural plant extracts and essential oil blends, these shampoo bars not only cleanse yourhair but also uplift your mood. Enjoy soft, shiny, and voluminous locks with every wash, and you'll neverwant to return to traditional bottled shampoos again.

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Solid conditioners

Nourish and pamper your hair with our solid conditioners, generously packed with natural oils andbutters. These highly concentrated bars deliver ultimate nourishment and smoothness, ensuring youhave a perfect hair day every day. Experience the goodness of quality ingredients with every use.

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Indulge in a zero-waste lifestyle with our body care products. From luxurious cold-process soaps tonourishing shower bars and body butters, they are made with essential oils and natural ingredients,providing a better alternative to traditional bottled lotions and shower gels.

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Lip Care

Discover plastic-free lip care, a blend of 100% natural ingredients tailored for your lips. From the hydrating touch of cocoa butter and beeswax to the rejuvenating essence of coconut and almond oils, each swipe offers softness and protection. Revel in the minty tingle or cocoa’s warmth, all housed in eco-friendly, plastic-free packaging.

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Transform your hair, skin, and wellbeing with our DROPS line. Featuring high-quality hair and beard oils to prevent dryness and breakage, as well as signature aromatherapy blends and premium pure essential oils.

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Find the perfect gift for your loved ones or yourself with our curated gift sets. We've expertly pairedproducts to cater to a variety of tastes and needs, making gift-giving effortless.

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Experience the goodness of our products with our “Try Me” samples. Find the perfect fit for you with miniature versions of our range, all packaged in eco-friendly, 100% compostable boxes made of grass fibers and cellulose.

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Undecided on which products to try? Our “Try Me” sets allow you to sample a variety of our offerings and make an informed choice. It’s also a fantastic introduction to sustainable beauty for your friends who haven’t made the switch yet.

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What people are saying
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I am blown away, it‘s amazing. A lot easier to apply than liquid shampoo and the foam is a lot thicker and smoother. On top of everything the scent is so fresh! Will never use liquid shampoo ever again.



I am so madly in love with your products, I can’t say how much! This is truly the best haircare I’ve had in the past years. My hair feels so incredibly good that I already bought a second pair.



I have ordered from SOLIDU twice and I’m definitely going to become a regular customer. Customer experience 10/10, user experience 10/10. Products are beautifully eco-friendly packaged, smell amazing and give a very proper hair care. My orders were dispatched very quickly.



Oh SOLIDU… Lange habe ich nach einem festen Shampoo gesuched das auch mit meinen gebleichten Längen und Spitzen kar kommt. Das ewige Kämmen und after wash pflegen hat endlich ein Eind emit dem HAIR CANDY conditioner. Dazu benutze ich das BALANCE shampoo weil mein Ansatz dazu neigt fettig zu weden, auch das ist nun Geschichte. Grosses LOVE



I’ve always struggled to find a good shampoo that would suit my hair. I tried low-priced and high-end products, but none of them really suited me. SOLIDU was the brand that finally clicked with me. I’ve been using their shampoos and (amazing) conditioners for over 1 year.



Best solid shampoo I’ve ever tried! This shampoo is just as easy to use as a liquid shampoo. My hair looks healthy and has a lot of volume. I also struggled with an itchy scalp before, this shampoo has helped noticeably with that.