SOLIDU packaging is PLASTIC-FREE as well as PAPER-FREE, completely natural, and can be backyard composted in 45 DAYS


SOLIDU packaging is plastic-free and paper-free: it’s produced from starch, bamboo, and charcoal. Bamboo is one of the most sustainable materials on earth, growing up to metre per day. To make this box, bamboo is processed together with natural starch. The material is dyed with charcoal without using synthetic dyes.


To produce SOLIDU box, bamboo offcuts from the production of bamboo chopsticks are used instead of a virgin bamboo.


The box can be backyard composted and biodegrades in 45 days. It can even be useful for the soil, as starch is a soil nutrient. It can even be mixed into animal feed as an additional carbohydrate source.


We advise tearing off the paper labels and putting them into recycling bin with paper. They are completely plastic-free, however, the compostable box will biodegrade faster without the paper labels. Put the packaging in the compost bin or in the soil. Do not throw away the box into the garbage bin. If it ends up in the landfill, it will take much longer to biodegrade than in compost or soil.


Every single order leaves SOLIDU completely plastic free. We only use paper envelopes, boxes and stuffing. For your order, we choose the smallest possible packaging option to make sure that we don’t take up unecessary space in the courier van. We reuse what we receive from suppliers, so you might receive products in a repurposed box.

The stuffing (things that go into the box to protect the items from breaking) is either 100% paper or repurposed fillings that we receive from our suppliers. No virgin plastic is used, ever!

If the tape is used on the packaging, it is only paper tape, so when you recycle or compost the paper boxes you won’t need to remove it.

No printed packing slips or invoices will be included in your order to prevent paper waste.